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Car Front And Rear Bumber

Car Front And Rear Bumber has the power to protect, decorate and improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle. From the safety point of view, when a car has a low-speed collision accident, it can play a buffering role to protect the front and rear body; it can play a role in protecting pedestrians in the event of an accident with pedestrians. Appearance, decorative, has become an important part of the decorative car shape; at the same time, Car Front And Rear Bumber has a certain aerodynamic effect.

Installing the door bumper is to erect or tilt several high-strength steel beams in the door panel of each door to play the role of the front bumper of the front and rear of the car. Forming a "copper wall iron wall" that gives the car occupant a maximum safe area. Of course, installing such a door bumper will undoubtedly increase the cost for the car manufacturer, but for the occupants of the car, the safety and security will increase a lot.