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Made in China: what is happening?

In today's world, a new manufacturing competition has begun: the United States is pushing for the return of high-end manufacturing, and Germany is focusing on building a 4.0. As a manufacturing country, China has launched the "made in China 2025" initiative...
Change is a new manufacturing: mobile Internet on business model of subversion and at the same time, are also changing and even subversion manufacturing mode, huge opportunities and risks to contain it.
Reporters feel in shenyang machine tool group research, only speed up the pace to develop the institutional reform and innovation drive, to seize the opportunity in the competition, avoid risk, to consolidate and expand the made in China in the global division of labor pattern in the dominant position.
Break the two sides
The market for Chinese machine tools is undergoing new fission. Adantages in zhejiang cixi electric appliance co., LTD., general manager RongYiQun felt intense crisis: if using home-made ordinary machine, the machine tools to each one operator, the local labor is 16 yuan per hour, for at least 3000 yuan a month, and southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam workers salary is only 700 yuan to 800 yuan. The average machine tool is not accurate enough, and the cost of labor is rising, "no change in five years, and the workers and I will have to go home!"
Crisis, RongYiQun chose the intelligent machine: "intelligent machine, simple operation, high accuracy, a worker can operate machine tools, 4 per machine per hour of labor costs down to $4, labor fell to about 900 yuan a month."
Domestic ordinary machine tools are not sustainable, and the import of high-end CNC machine tools, especially those of high grade CNC machine tools abroad, has risen sharply. In shenyang machine tool industry, for example, in 2014 the ordinary boring machine on sales from 250 in 2011 to around 50 machines, radial drilling, from 2000 to 200.
One liter and a drop reflects the difficulties that China faces.
Global manufacturing previous round competition, western countries considering the problems such as resource consumption and manpower cost, research and design on the local, transferring manufacturing link to the outside. In a new round of competition, the developed countries began to accelerate the implementation of manufacturing return to local new strategy, to rely on intelligent robot + + 3 d printing machine tool mode change, resources and manpower cost constraints.
"U.S. r&d, U.S. manufacturing, and sales in China to address their jobs taxes and continue to maintain manufacturing's global lead." Concerned expert thinks, from the Chinese academy of engineering in the new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, the development of China's manufacturing industry is facing after gaining advantage in developed countries and emerging economies compete enveloped.
Manufacturing in China is undergoing a series of new tests: rising Labour costs and shrinking working-age populations; The margins are low and a significant number of lagging companies are in danger of being eliminated. The core technology has long been under the control of people...
"Social and economic growth in the final analysis depends on manufacturing. To break through the enveloped the situation, it is necessary to strengthen strategic support for manufacturing, accelerate the technical innovation and intelligent, informatization, grab another round of manufacturing transition opportunities." Lin huo, director of the Chinese academy of sciences in shenyang, said.
"Wandering the world financial crisis in 2008, the world economy, the key is not found a strong industry support. High-end manufacturing, will eventually become the world's economy out of the shadow of the international financial crisis, the important support to the next round of economic boom, which is China's manufacturing industry to speed up the transformation of the meaning."