Blow Moulding

Blow Moulding is a fast-growing plastic processing method. The blow molding process began to produce low density polyethylene vials during the Second World War. In the late 1950s, with the birth of high-density polyethylene and the development of blow molding machines, blow molding technology was widely used. Suitable plastics for blow molding include polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polyester, etc., and the resulting hollow containers are widely used as industrial packaging containers. According to the parison making method, blow molding can be divided into extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding, and newly developed ones have multi-layer blow molding and stretch blow molding.

The product Blow Moulding is divided into 4 categories, namely Pet Bottle Blow Mould, Box Blow Mould, Storage Blow Mould, Drink bottle blow mould, welcome to buy.

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